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Rob Bowlin


AJ Kelly

COO Charlotte

Steve Svalina

President, Raleigh Division

Anthony Lawson

Wiring Solutions Manager
John Doe

Greg Voss

Director of Sales and Builder Relations

Tanner Gosler

Field Operations Manager

Matt Kellas

Finance and Admin Director

Zach Hall

Warehouse Manager

John Gill

A/V and Service Manager

Barbara Kellas

Monitored Accounts Manager

Kathryn Burke

Wiring Solutions Coordinator

Tom Harris

Senior Accounts Executive

Jonathan Figueroa

Accounts Executive

Brian Castello

Accounts Executive

Robert Schindler

Accounts Executive

Preston Murrell

Project Lead

David Bjelde

Service Technician

Ryan Holden

Service Technician

Blakelee Martin

Service Technician

Christian Grecco

Service Technician

Rob Liles

Service Manager Raleigh

Nicky Taylor

Invoice Coordinator Raleigh

Darin Gooding

Scheduling Coordinator Raleigh

Rodney Mitchell

Service Technician Raleigh


Dan Hyatt

Managing Partner

Mandy Lawson

Office Manager

Gwen Bowlin


current job openings

All completed applications should be emailed to

We are seeking a Technician to install Security and Smart Home Products in new residential construction neighborhoods. Ideal candidates should be able to learn and adapt quickly, problem solve technical challenges and effectively communicate with clients and teammates. This position requires attention to detail, client interaction, a professional work ethic, excellent wire management skills and a desire to constantly improve yourself. The technology we work with is constantly changing, so we must also adapt quickly to keep pace.


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